’10 WhatsApp Hidden Features That Everyone Should Know in 2020 ‘

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1.Send/export your chat conversations

You can send the entire chat conversations with a contact.To do that go to Settings>>chat>>chat history>>Export chat .

Select the option to ‘Export Chat’. Select the conversation you wish to export (with or without media) and then complete the process using any email app of your choice. The Chat will be e-mailed as a .txt attachment file.

2.Hide WhatsApp group media from gallery

We don’t have much control over the content is pushed to our phones through WhatsApp groups, and this content showing up in your phone’s gallery can be a problem.

To make this happen just tap WhatsApp group name and look for media visibility and turn it off . But it won’t hide the already existing Media in gallery you have to delete manually.

3.Use finger print to secure your WhatsApp

To secure your WhatsApp with fingerprint go to settings>> privacy >>Fingerprint lock.Those fingerprints registered on phone will be able to access the WhatsApp.Those without cannot.

4.status privacy

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings>> Account>> Privacy
  2. Select Status>> ‘My contacts except’
  3. Now select specific contacts you wanted to avoid and tap the tick mark .

Statuses are a way of express your mood and it can be quite personal. If you don’t want to share them with all WhatsApp contacts, you can avoid particular contacts from viewing your status updates /stories .

5.Read messages without blue tick

You can disable blue ticks altogether Settings>>Account>>Privacy>> uncheck Read Receipts , but then you won’t be able to see if others have read your message either.

Otherways to do that alternately,  turn on AirPlane mode, read the message and then turn the AirPlane mode off. This way, you can read a particular message without disabling read receipts and without the sender knowing.

6.Share your live/real time location

You can now share the live location with your contacts. The location is in real-time and you can keep a tab on exact whereabouts of specific contacts.To do so, just tap the attachment icon in the text input field.

Go to contact/ group select type bar>> attachment>> select location then select share Live Location.

7. Backup your data on Google drive

Backing up WhatsApp data on Google drive gives you a convenient way to restore your chat messages and media when you switch your phone / reinstall WhatsApp.

Go to settings>>chat>>chat backup>>.you can select when you want to backup daily, weekly, monthly.

8.change your WhatsApp number

Go to Settings>> Account>>Change number. Your new number should be active to do that.

9. Hear WhatsApp voice message via Earpiece

Just tap the voice message and same way as you attend the phone call bring phone to the ear that you can hear the voice message as phone call.

10.Hide a WhatsApp chat

 long-press conversation >>Archive button on the top. This particular chat will now disappear from the list. You can access it by selecting archive list.

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