5 Best Secret Apps For Android

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1. Amazon underground

Amazon underground is an app offered by amazon through which people can download apps for free that are paid in play store not one time or temporary it is life time.



This app let you to spy on other person whatsapp easiest and fastest.Enables you to open the same WhatsApp account on two different Android. By this app you can trace all the chatting and others by simply scanning the WhatsApp web QR code with what’s scan.


Adguard is best way to get rid of annoying ads online from Android browser and apps protects device from malware and creates firewall. Protects from opening malicious or harmful websites.Download and enjoy apps and browser without ads.


You want to send someone a secret message from any messenger like Gmail or whatsapp. Basically what it does is you can enter a plain text and it will generate a encrypted which is wrong string of sentence that doesn’t make sense to anyone.

After getting that encrypted code just copy the text and send it via Gmail or whatsapp /any messenger .To decrypt the code say your friend to have same app and have to paste the output text and decode it.

5.Parallel space

Is an extremely interesting app you can use number of accounts for app or you device at the same time.This feature is specifically useful for social networking and gaming.Allows you to manage different user accounts for any app installed on your device.

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