Why people like Money Heist?

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  1. World wide most watched Netflix’s series.
  2. Money heist now it has been the most popular series in the world.
  3. For the first time released in Spain show got flopped team was disappointed then.Netflix bought series and released it world wide .It became a global sensation all expectations were crossed.

Why money heist is so popular?
In this blog we are going to know 
Tokyo, Berlin,denver, Moscow, named after cities codes.
Salvador mask? why we mesmorise?
Money heist means simply robbery of money.
By the title you can understand the story but there comes the twist they rob the money printing factory to get print as much as money they want and escape was their main goal.
Generally every robbery has two teams robberers and police.
So robberers are led by professor in first robbery team has 8 members.
Tokyo,Rio,denver, Moscow, berlin,Nairobi,helsinki,oslo.
Selected by professor and trained to rob.
Opposite robberers there are three main characters:
1.Raquel2.Angel3.ArturoSeen these two teams audience get thrilled and made them to be watched at seat edgeAlmost every episode screenplay of being caught made us thrill  to watch next episode  let see why all get connected to money heist.
Why people like money heist?
Generally a heist consists of 4 steps
When we think of  screenplay in the first episode directly  step 3 plan execution of robbery takes places without any back story of charecters and planning of robbery 
Story jumps back and forth slowly reveals the charecters and relation between them it creates empathy in audience.
If planning of robbery revealed there would be no suspense on escaping.play is non linear gets us thrilled.
Voice over narration by tokyo charecter make audience to get connected to story.
The main reason for story success is charecters we even don’t know their real names.they named after cities but audience wanted to see success of heist and escape.show writers created unique identity for every charecter and get connected to story and there runs the plot.

  1. For example tokyo is very aggressive and take decisions without thinking about and create conflicts in the story.
  2. love story of Rio and tokyo
  3. Nairobi wanted to see her child

Denver and Moscow father and son their bonding get connected to audience.
Berlin at first audience hate the charecter but audience understand the depth of charecter at last.He sacrifice himself for his friends.
Professor a criminal master mind looks weak but very intelligent and genius. generally he is doing a crime but he is not about to steal anyone’s money or life is his goal.He solves every problem from outside not being caught using his master mind.
Perfection of charecters made money heist memorable to audience mind
We all love under dogs;
Humans typically love under dogs.robberers all the losers where nothing to lose in their life are underdogs  At one moment professor says people support us as we are underdogs and they want us to win.
Mass moments;
Out and out it is a entertainment.
Professor escape from car junkyard from police
Tokyo escape from police
SALVADOR DALI a famous Spanish artist draws satirical arts on modern capitalism.
As government manipulates people to create money as alike professor want to rob the royal mint.
RED COLOUR JUMP SUIT-as a symbol for revolution and resistance, freedom and liberty,also danger.
And to confuse police hostages and robberers get dressed with red jump suit it says class difference equalizes.
BELLA CIAO song first used in Italy by farmers for protests.and then used for singn of freedom and Revolution.At end of heist “Bella ciao” sung by gang as a sign of freedom.
Download money heist all episodes here:

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